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Low testosterone levels can cause devastating effects

Low sex drive. Fatigue. Reduced lean muscle mass. Irritability. Depression. Erectile dysfunction. These are just a few of the conditions that can accompany low-T.

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Prescription testosterone injections are effective but carry a host of adverse side effects. Get the same results with a safe, effective, all-natural supplement.

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testosterone supplementTestosterone-Rx™ is a once-daily, non-prescription supplement for men to dramatically boost testosterone levels safely and naturally.

And unlike prescription testosterone injections, Testosterone-Rx™ has no adverse side effects.

Frequently asked questions...


How long does a bottle last?

Each bottle contains 63 capsules. With a recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day for 3 consecutive weeks followed by 1 week of non-use, each bottle will last for 4 weeks.


Is shipping discreet?

Yes. Your order will be securely and discreetly shipped in a plain package for your privacy. Furthermore, your personal information shall remain confidential.


What are the ingredients?

Testosterone-Rx™ contains a unique proprietary blend of potent, hight quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness.
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So, how effective is Testosterone-Rx™?  Here's what a few our customers have to say...

Unsolicited Testimonial

"I can't believe what a major impact your product has made on my workouts!! I'm an amateur bodybuilder and I don't take roids or do injections so I was looking for a solid testosterone booster that would give me a pump naturally. From what I heard this was the best and your massive list of ingredients in this thing had me sold so I tried it and man, I noticed a big improvement in my energy and lifts after just a few days of taking this! This is powerful stuff and I love that it's all-natural. Everyone should know about this stuff. You've got a customer for life - thanks a million"

from Shawn
Unsolicited Testimonial

"This is the closest thing to a 'magic pill' that I can imagine - it's unbelievable the difference I feel after just 2 weeks of using your miraculous product. My strength has definitely improved, I feel full of energy, my mood is better and I'm feeling mighty frisky. My manhood even seems to be quite firmer which is fantastic. How can I buy stock in this product? Seriously"

from Albert
Unsolicited Testimonial

"ive been using your testosterone-rx product for 3 weeks now. i should tell you first off i am 57 years old and not in the best shape in the world and my doctor sent me for a blood test to check my testosterone levels. they were very low and he said i had to do something about them but i cant afford the treatments he was talking about so i did some research and found your pills. since using testosterone-rx i am feeling so much better it is very surprising and my sex life is getting a real boost which the wife is very happy about. i normally dont write testimonials but i will make an exception in this case because your product is that good and im back to buy more this time."

from Donald

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